On 2019

I just realized I didn’t blog at all in 2019, and we’re almost at the year’s end. These past two years have been so crazy busy working on the dissertation that I’ve shelved all personal writing. In fact, the last week (holiday or not) has been spent writing more for revisions on the final set of feedback than I care to admit. However, I am tickled at the thought of being done – of finishing what I’d started in more than a decade ago. I’m musing through an extensive number of new “learning bucket list” items I’ll share when the Ph.D. is actually finished.

I can safely say 2019 found us all in good health. The McGuire family is doing well. We’ve had some life changes, such as Becca leaving the fold to intern at Disneyworld, which were challenging emotionally, but such changes are inevitable. We’re all learning, and growing, and (I would like to think) improving in character. We had a wonderful holiday enjoying time with Dustin and Grace, and I’ve relished every minute of Addison’s school break. I have another week with Miles and Ruth home from school, but that will fly by, and I will be writing the bulk of it to prepare for the defense.

I didn’t want to let 2019 pass without recognizing it, but I am absolutely ready to let it go, and embrace 2020.