I am a middle-aged mama living in rural Missouri. I am a mom, in blended form, to 6 incredible children who both delight and exasperate me intermittently. I teach Sociology and Criminal Justice for a local 4-year institution, and am fortunate to be able to work from home. Since we have two younger babies, it’s great to be able to watch them grow. I’m also blessed to be a wife to the most amazing husband a woman could ask for.

This site will serve a lot of purposes, but all, for the most part, completely self-indulgent. It will be a forum for me to talk about food and recipes that I love (I’m an incredible foodie), as well as my personal weight loss journey (admittedly, I’m a fat foodie). It will be a forum for me to address the trials of being a woman raised primarily in the city who married herself a cowboy, and is adjusting to rural life. It will be a forum for me to discuss the reasons I simply adore homeschooling my children, and the challenges I face, and the ways I eventually overcome those challenges (or the types of wine I prefer when I abandon those efforts).

This will be for me, because I think it’s important that Mamas take time for themselves. If it brings you enjoyment in any way, that would wonderful, as well.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Can’t wait for you to get started and to read all your guest posts and comments. I might even recognize a few!!

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