My Miracle Morning?

Per my sister’s recommendation, I am reading a book about Miracle Mornings. It’s an interesting concept (interesting in that it’s antithetical to my own concept of really relishing sleeping in as much as possible) that posits if we get up earlier in the morning and devote time to ourselves, we will be “better” (success, happiness, financially, relationally, etc). As I’ve been working on a better me, it was good timing I had the book recommended.

So for today’s first 5:00 a.m. uprising (which is an intentional word selection, as both my body and mind were in opposition to the alarm, despite my before-sleep affirmations), I am working on my life purpose. How do I want to delineate that? This is just my “starter selection,” so to speak. I want to “improve myself mentally, emotionally and physically.” That’s my starting block. Since I’ve learned many ‘coaching lessons’ through my “You can do it! Lose weight now!” books, I know I need to specify this into steps I can apply.

The book recommends 5 things to make it easier to get up in the mornings. Go to bed with positive thoughts, move your alarm so you don’t hit snooze, brush your teeth, drink some water, and get dressed. I’ve done all that. I’ve also decided I’m going to “unplug” at least 1 hour before bedtime, and for my first hour each morning. I want to greet the day. I don’t want to run to check email (in essence, start working) or check facebook (in essence, start jackfarting around). I want to intentionally start my day positively. I have my 8 oz. of water, my coffee cup (black, of course, so I don’t waste any extra calories), a kindle to read about 10-15 minutes for pleasure and/or stimulation, and my workout shoes at the ready. I am also writing this out in my journal (my food journal, actually, because I know I’ll be keeping it handy). I find I enjoy writing more through handwriting – I am more deliberate with my word choices, more reflective.

I’m going to ignore my housework I see that needs done (during this hour each morning). I’m not going to put away dishes, or start a load of laundry, or clean off the bathroom counter I noticed was a little grubby when I brushed my teeth this morning. I’m going to set that aside and remind myself this hour is for me.

I’m not going to watch the baby monitor, or rush myself along if I see the babies stirring. Sure, I’ll go check if I hear blatant, persistent wailing, but otherwise, that monitor is sitting away from my work space (which is at the kitchen table, since I didn’t want to be tempted by my computer at my desk).

I’m going to try to get at least one of my workouts in. If I can’t get my full workout in (I love the Beach Body videos, but they’re a minimum of 30 minutes, which of course is what I need to lose the fat), I’d at least like to jog a bit. I’ve decided to ‘train’ for a 5K (accountability partner is my neighbor, who is training for her umpteenth marathon, skinny woman that she is – I can’t even say bitch, because she’s so stinking nice, and caring, and generous). I really want to step up my progress on the weight loss. I’m 50+ pounds down, but have ~ 50 pounds to go to goal. I’m doing well on that, though, so for these first few mornings, I want to concentrate on the mental and emotional development.

I’ve often advocated that we cannot be Superwoman. My husband has called me that, and I’m quick to refute the concept. I can’t be, I don’t want to be, Superwoman. No one can tackle work, family, household, etc., with equal gusto in all areas, at least not in the manner where we can do all things for others. I firmly believe in finite resources (it’s the Marxist in me – what can I say?). However, I am equally convinced that we must (as Moms) give back to ourselves (I’ve touched upon this idea of ‘selfishness’ in another blog). That’s certainly one reason why I got to this fat state (not justifying time to exercise each day because I felt I had to take care of everyone else ahead of my own needs). It’s undoubtedly a reason why the PhD isn’t finished (grad school application goes in this fall so I can finish this dissertation!). It’s probably a reason why I don’t get into my Bible as much as I want to, take time to study my emotional needs, or schedule dates with my husband.

Thus, a big component to this early rising will be taking this hour for me, and doing so guilt-free. I’m also going to start each day with some time outside. I have a really beautiful farm, and need to take time to appreciate it, to really take in the energy from all of the plants and animals milling around. It doesn’t need to be a lot – even 5 minutes would be sufficient. Maybe I’ll do a bit of yoga on my deck as the sun rises (thanks to Autumn Calabrese for changing my perspective on yoga). How awesome would some early morning yoga on my front porch overlooking acres of natural beauty be for my mental, emotional and physical health?

Guilt-free Mom time. I’m all over it.

Postscript – Have to add that 40 minutes into my hour, Ruthie started wailing to all get out. Although I did ignore the first 5 minutes, it was clear she was going to wake up the household. I persuaded the husband to sit on the deck with me while I breastfed Ruth and we admired our lovely farm together. I explained the concept of the Miracle Morning to him, and as in all things, he was supportive of helping me any way he can. What an incredible man I married. So after my coffee cup was empty, he took the baby in the house to cook her breakfast, and I went out to jog on the treadmill. Blessed, blessed, blessed. I really do feel more positive about my daily outlook, which of course, is the main idea.

2 thoughts on “My Miracle Morning?

  1. I don’t think so. 🙂 The author, however, argues that when we put if off until evening, we’re less likely to follow through with time for ourselves, for our personal development. I think it’s just so easy to put ourselves last at that point (amidst family, work, etc).

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